Ergonomics is the science of designing the workstation to fit within the capabilities and limitations of the worker.

The goal of office ergonomics is to design your office work station, so that it fits you and allows for a comfortable working environment for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Dr Shriram krishnamoorthy, Consultant Orthopaedician,  MGM Healthcare,Chennai

Benefits Of Ergonomics

  • Avoids Discomfort
  • Avoids fatigue
  • Better productivity
  • Effective working

Tips to avoid work related ailments

1) Support weight of the arms

2)Keep the weight of head directly above neck don’t “crane” forward

3) Don’t slouch



You can avoid both the above by moving your chair closer to the table.



Moving forwards and using the natural back support of your office chair prevents backache


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4) Monitor at eye level

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5) Avoid phone “jamming”

Use headphone or speakers

6) Mouse closer to the keyboard

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7)Monitor at arm’s length

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8) Screen glare

Avoid screen as in the picture above, the monitor shouldn’t be either facing the window or opposite to it. It is always advisable to have natural lights sideways and artificial lights from the top to avoid screen glare and thereby reducing fatigue.

This is the correct position in relation to the natural lights.

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9)20-20-20 rule (Computer eye syndrome)

10) Thigh & feet position

Hope this 10 tips help you in beating your office blues.