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Hand Bone Fracture

The break or crack in one or more bones of your hand is called Bone fracture. Direct flows or blows cause it. Engaging in contact sports such as football or hockey or having a medical condition like osteoporosis can increase your susceptibility to experiencing a fractured hand.

It is crucial to address a fractured hand promptly. Delaying treatment may result in improper bone alignment, potentially impacting your capacity to perform daily tasks like writing or fastening a shirt. Timely intervention will also aid in reducing discomfort and rigidity.

A hand fracture refers to a fracture occurring in any of the bones present in the hand, which encompasses the small bones of the fingers known as phalanges, as well as the long bones located within the palm called metacarpals. A fractured hand can result from a fall, a crushing injury, a twisting injury or from direct contact during sports activities.

In cases of more severe fractures or fractures that are not correctly aligned, surgical intervention may be necessary to realign the fractured bone fragments and maintain their position during the healing process.

In numerous instances, nonsurgical treatment effectively facilitates the healing process of a hand fracture. The specific treatment approach, such as wearing a cast, splint, or buddy straps, will depend on the type and location of the fracture. This treatment method is typically employed for a particular duration to promote proper healing.


Hand and Wrist Bones

The wrist comprises eight carpal bones and two long bones, namely the radius and the ulna, located in the forearm. Each finger includes a metacarpal bone and three phalanges, while the thumb consists of one metacarpal bone and two phalanges.

Boxers fracture - Shri Bone & Joint Clinic

Boxers fracture – Shri Bone & Joint Clinic


Symptoms associated with a finger injury may be as follows.

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness or pain
  • Deformity
  • Inability to move the finger
  • A shortened finger, or the injured finger crossing over its neighbor (scissoring) when making a fist.



Hand fractures can occur due to a direct impact or a compressive force. Incidents such as motor vehicle accidents can lead to the breaking of hand bones, which may shatter into multiple fragments, necessitating surgical intervention for proper healing.



Medical History and Physical Examination

The physician will inquire about the details surrounding the injury, the specific area of pain, and any preexisting medical conditions that could potentially impact bone health.

A thorough physical examination will also be conducted to assess for signs of swelling, deformity, tenderness, and impaired functionality in the affected region.


X-ray imaging is frequently employed to verify the existence of a fracture. It can reveal the fracture’s precise location, magnitude, and nature.

CT Scans or MRI

The physician may request a CT scan or MRI in certain instances, mainly when the fracture is intricate or soft tissue injury is suspected. These diagnostic examinations offer more comprehensive visuals of the bones and the surrounding tissues.

Bone Scans

Occasionally, a bone scan might diagnose stress or hairline fractures that are not easily visible on X-rays.


In some cases, especially for fractures in young children or to assess specific types of fractures, ultrasound might be used.

After diagnosing a fracture, the physician will assess the suitable course of action, including immobilization using a cast or splint, realignment (in the instance of displaced fractures), surgical intervention, or other necessary treatments.

Forearm fracture - Shri Bone & Joint Clinic Chennai

Forearm fracture – Shri Bone & Joint Clinic Chennai



Most hand fractures can be effectively managed by immobilizing the impacted hand using a splint or a cast. This approach ensures that the bones remain in the correct position, facilitating healing.


In certain instances, should the bones become displaced or misaligned, a physician may be required to carry out a manual removal.


Severe fractures or fractures that involve multiple bones, joint surfaces, or open fractures may require surgery.


Pain management is crucial during the healing process. Over-the-counter pain relievers or prescription medications may be recommended to manage pain and reduce inflammation. Before taking any medicines, the Doctor’s advice is essential.

Physical Therapy

After the initial healing phase, rehabilitation exercises and physical therapy might be prescribed to improve hand strength, flexibility, and functionality.

Follow-up Care

Regular follow-up visits with the doctor are essential to monitor the healing progress and ensure that the hand is healing properly.


How Much Does Broken Bone Hand Treatment Cost in Chennai?

The cost of treating a broken bone in your hand in Chennai can vary greatly depending on several factors.

  • Cast or splint: ₹1,000 to ₹5,000
  • Surgery: ₹20,000 to ₹1,00,000 or more

The total amount of the Hand bone fracture can reach ₹180000 and more.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Treatment for Fractured Hand?

Nonsurgical treatments are Immobilization, Pain management, Elevation and Hand treatment. Surgical treatments are reduction and internal and external fixation.

What is the Price of Hand Bone Fracture Treatment in Chennai?

Hand Bone Fracture Treatment Cost in Chennai is ₹1,20,000 while the price range can reach ₹1,80,000 and more.

Which is the Best Hospital for Hand Bone Fracture Treatment in Chennai?

Shri Bone & Joint Clinic in Chennai is the best for Hand bone Fracture treatment.

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