Partial Knee Replacement / Arthroplasty in Chennai

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What is Partial Knee Replacement / Arthroplasty?

Partial Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces the damaged compartment of knee joints, which is not similar to total knee replacement, which replaces the entire knee joint. It is also known as unicompartmental knee arthroplasty; it is divided into three compartments;

  • The medical compartments (inside part of knee joint)
  • The lateral compartments (outside part of knee joint)
  • The patellofemoral compartment (front of the knee between the kneecap and thighbone)

In partial knee replacement, only the damaged portion of the knee is replaced with artificial implants such as polymer, high-grade plastics, and metal.


  • Small opening
  • Less blood loss
  • Quick recovery
  • Natural feeling knee after surgery

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks and complications associated with partial knee replacement, such as infection, blood clots, implant failure, and ongoing knee pain.

When Hemi Knee Replacement is recommended?

Hemi Knee Replacement is also known as Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (UKA) and half knee replacement; it’s a surgical procedure with half knee joints with artificial implants such as polymer, high-grade plastics, and metals. partial knee replacement and is typically recommended in specific situations,

  • Unicompartmental arthritis
  • Preservation of healthy bone and tissue
  • Patient-specific factors
  • Surgical feasibility

Hemi Knee Replacement is considered when the damage in the knee joint is primarily limited to one side or compartment of the knee, either the medial (inside) or lateral (outside) compartment.

Partial Knee Replacement / Arthroplasty in Chennai

Partial Knee Replacement / Arthroplasty in Chennai

Steps Involved In Unicompartmental Arthroplasty Prosthesis

Unicompartmental knee joint is a partial knee replacement type; it involves replacing the damaged part of the knee joint prosthetic implant. The general steps involved in the procedure:


The patient is placed on the operating table and given anesthesia to ensure the patient is comfortable and free from pain during surgery.


The incision made during this surgery is small compared to the total knee replacement. Since the surgeon made the incision only on the affected parts.

Preparation of the knee

Special instruments are used to remove the reticular fiber and bone from the compartment, and the healthy bones and tissues are reset in the knee joint.

Reshaping the bone

The damaged bone and reticular fibers are removed, and the fundamental bone surface is reshaped with the prosthetic implant.

Implant placement

The prosthetic implant, such as metal, polymers or high-grade plastics, is designed to make a copy of natural joint surfaces and is attentively positioned into the prepared surface of the bone. This implant is used to fix bone cement or through press-fit technology that depends on the bone’s natural growth.


After the surgeon safely places the implant, it confirms the proper function of the knee joint, and the opening is closed with the sutures.


Post-surgery patients are observed by the surgeon in the recovery area before being transferred to the hospital; physical therapy is crucial to recovery.

How much does Partial Knee Replacement surgery cost in Chennai?

The approximate cost for partial knee replacement in Chennai is ₹ 85,000 to ₹ 1,14,000. It is one compartmental surgery compared to total knee replacement; its price is low.

Why choose Shri Bone & Joint Clinic for Partial Knee Replacement In Chennai?

Shri Bone & Joint Clinic is the best and most affordable clinic for hemi knee replacement in Chennai; here, we have experienced doctors, same-day appointments, call us 24/7, professional and friendly staff, walk-ins accepted, and there is no extra cost. You can choose our clinic for extensive care, personalized treatment plans, and post-operative improvement to ensure a smoother recovery. Our clinic has a positive reputation in Chennai for knee arthroplasties, favorable outcomes, and patient satisfaction. Here, we have offered follow-up care and to monitor the patient’s progress to ensure the proper relief from the pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is partial knee replacement a good idea?

Yes, it is a good idea if you have arthritis on the inside or parts of the knee joint, but only
if you have minor damage to the knee.

Is partial knee replacement cheaper?

Yes, it is cheaper for most patients under 60, but the long-term health benefits of intervention are less than total knee joint replacement.

What is the average age for a partial knee replacement?

The average age bracket of partial knee replacement is 50 to 70 years; older patients above 70 also have benefits to mobility and comfort offered by a prosthesis.

How successful is partial knee surgery?

It usually has a quicker recovery time than total knee replacement, and it is safe and effective in long-term symptoms like pain and stiffness. These are the successes of partial knee surgery.

Which hospital is best for Partial Knee replacement in Chennai?

Shri Bone and Joints Clinic is Chennai’s best hemi knee replacement hospital. Here, we have experienced orthopedic surgeons for knee surgeries and offer advanced technology and modern surgical techniques for knee arthroplasties to ensure better patient outcomes. We are available 24/7 for the patients.

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