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Introduction to Pediatric Orthopedics

Pediatric Orthopedics is a distinct field of medicine that concentrates on the examinations, therapy and supervisions of musculoskeletal disorders and traumas in youngsters. The musculoskeletal system encompasses bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons and pediatric orthopedic experts possess the expertise to tackle concerns that are unique to maturing and evolving bodies of children’s.

Below are several essential elements of pediatric orthopedics.

Distinctive Expansion and Advancement

Their bones and joints experience notable transformations as children grow. Pediatric orthopedic Doctors possess a deep understanding of the distinct obstacles presented by the developing musculoskeletal system and adapt their methods to tackle age-related concerns effectively.

Frequent Ailments

Pediatric orthopedics conditions encompass a broad spectrum, varying from congenital anomalies present at birth to those that develop later in life. Among the commonly encountered conditions are limb abnormalities present at birth, scoliosis, hip dysplasia, clubfoot, fractures and injuries related to sports activities.

Early Intervention

It is really important to act quickly in pediatric Orthopedics. Some conditions can be treated or fixed successfully if they are caught early, which helps kids grow and develop properly. When we diagnose and intervene early, we usually see better results.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Collaboration with various medical specialists is joint in pediatric orthopedic care. Pediatricians, physical therapists, occupational therapists and orthopedic surgeons all work together to provide comprehensive care for the child’s overall well-being.

Conservative and Surgical Management

Pediatric Orthopedic Specialists can use various treatment methods, such as Physical therapy, bracing, casting and sometimes even surgery. The treatment option is determined by the particular condition, its seriousness and the age of the child.

Conditions Treated in Shri Bone & Joint Clinic

Congenital Conditions

  • Clubfoot

The foot takes twisted and downward positions in deformity.

  • Hip Dysplasia

The Hip joint develops abnormally, potentially resulting in dislocation.

  • Spina Bifida

A spinal cord and spine condition caused by defects in the neural tube.

Developmental Conditions

  • Scoliosis

During the teenage years, it is common for doctors to diagnose an unusual bending of the spine.

  • Kyphosis

The spine curvature is too much outward can cause a person to have a hunchback appearance.

  • Lordosis

The spine curvature is too much inward, resulting in a posture that looks like a swayback.

Injuries and Fractures

  • Fractures

Bones that are broken due to trauma or accidents.

  • Sprains and Strains

Sports activities frequently result in injuries to ligaments and muscles.

  • Dislocations

Joint dislocation occurs when a joint is moved out of its usual position.

Limb Abnormalities

  • Limb Length Discrepancy

A condition where one limb is shorter than the other.

  • Polydactyly and Syndactyly

Extra fingers or fused fingers, respectively.
Amniotic Band Syndrome: Bands of tissue in the womb that can affect limb development.

Sports-Related Injuries

  • ACL Tears

Injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament in the Knee.

  • Little League Elbow or Shoulder

Overuse injuries in young athletes.

  • Trauma and Accidents

Various injuries resulting from accidents, falls, or trauma.

Services Offered by Shri Bone & Joint Clinic

Diagnosis and Evaluation

Conduct thorough physical check-ups to evaluate the conditions of your bones and muscles. Our diagnostic imaging techniques, such as X-rays, MRI, and CT scans, provide a clear view of your bones and joints. Additionally, we also analyze your walking pattern through gait analysis to detect any irregularities.

Treatment Planning

Our approach involves:

  • Tailoring treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each child.
  • Considering their specific condition.
  • Age.
  • Developmental stage.

We also collaborate with other medical specialists to provide comprehensive care.

Conservative Management

Enhancing physical strength, flexibility, and coordination through the means of physical therapy.

Utilizing orthotic devices, like braces or splints, to provide support and proper alignment for limbs.

Administering medications to manage pain and alleviate inflammatory conditions effectively.

Casting and Bracing

Application of casts for the immobilization of fractures or correction of deformities.
Customized braces to support and stabilize joints.

Surgical Interventions

Orthopedic surgery is performed to rectify congenital deformities and tackle intricate musculoskeletal problems. In cases where it is suitable, minimally invasive procedures are employed.

Additionally, surgical intervention is utilized for the treatment of fractures, dislocations, or other traumatic injuries.

Best Pediatric Orthopedic Doctor / Surgeon in Chennai

Dr Shriram Krishnamoorthy is the best pediatric Orthopedic surgeon at Shri Bone & Joint Clinic in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He has over ten and more years experience in the orthopedic surgery field. He is a national board-certified orthopedic surgeon.

He completed his AO master’s certification in Orthopedic trauma. He has a part of 1000 knee replacements in Fortis Malar Hospital. He specializes in knee and shoulder replacement surgery, Knee and shoulder arthroscopy, cartilage preservation and repair, ortho biologics, and geriatric orthopedics.

Dr Shriram Krishnamoorthy is an excellent doctor at problem-solving with good remedies and is very admirable.

Best Pediatric Orthopedic Hospital in Chennai

Shri Bone & Joint Clinic is the best pediatric orthopedic Hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Here, we have more than ten years of experience as Orthopedic specialists.

Why Shri Bone & Joint Clinic?

Shri Bone & Joint Clinic is the best and most genuine orthopedic hospital in Chennai. Here we have a well-experienced orthopedic surgeon. We provide the most comfort and care for all who visit for treatment regarding Knee-related problems.

You can visit us at any time; we are available for 24 hours, and you can call us to ensure the doctor’s availability.

The patient’s appointment request is scheduled for the same day based on the doctor’s availability. Emergency walk-in patients are accorded the same importance as patients with scheduled appointments. The medical fee is determined based on the treatments received and charged at a reasonable and minimal rate.

You can get immediate relief for your Knee-related problems from Shri Bone & Joint Clinic in Chennai.

How can I find the best pediatric orthopedic specialist for my child's needs in Chennai?

Dr Shriram Krishnamoorthy from Shri Bone & Joint Clinic is the best pediatric Orthopedic specialist in Chennai. Who has more than ten years of experience in this field.

What qualifications and credentials should I look for in a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in Chennai?

Qualifications and credentials such as board certification, medical education and training, fellowship training, experience and track record, professional membership, and hospital affiliations are the key factors to consider when seeking the best pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

How can I schedule an appointment with a pediatric orthopedic specialist in Chennai?

You can schedule an appointment with a pediatric orthopedic specialist in Chennai by calling Shri Bone & Joint Clinic (+91) 93636-00206.

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Get an immediate relief to your knee-related problems from Shri Bone & Joint Clinic.


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